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Prospector Square Improvement Project

Prospector Square Master Plan Vision

  • Provide and promote an inviting and vibrant residential and commercial community
  • Encourage business development
  • Maximize values and entice investment
  • Attract guests to come, explore and stay
  • Efficiently use resources to benefit tenants and property owners



  • Parking lot resurfacing and striping
  • Sidewalk and traffic reconfigurations (including traffic calming measures, crosswalks, signal improvements)
  • Improve building signage and way-finding opportunities
  • Improve streetscape parking
  • Add more lighting in parking and exterior common area
  • Significant upgrades to landscape and hardscape improvements, including new irrigation, paving, plants and trees, and enhanced plaza area arrangements
  • Improvements to outdoor dining areas, planter boxes, trash enclosures, benches and bike racks.
  • Upgrades to replace the existing sewer lines.


Improvement Projects Master Plan

Logan Simpson Design completed the Improvement Projects Master Plan in 2015.  From this plan construction documents and phasing are being pursued with the first phase of construction planned for 2017.

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Prospector Square Market Analysis

Zions Bank Public Finance and The Becker Company completed a Market Analysis for Prospector Square in June 2016.

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