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Park City Chamber and Visitor Bureau Moves

After 26 years at their 1910 Prospector Avenue location, the Park City Chamber and Visitor Bureau has moved.  The Chamber recently moved to a new Prospector Square location at 1895 Sidewinder Drive.

President and CEO Bill Malone stated, "we had actively been looking for a new location when we started reaching the end of our lease in this space," he said. "We have outgrown the space we are currently in."

Rather than continuing to "squeeze people in corners," Malone said it felt like the right time to go look for a larger office. He added that the new space is configured better for his current team's efforts and will allow them to continue to grow.

The office remains in Prospector Square and opened at its new location on Monday, March 3. They will keep their same phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses, so the only thing changing is the physical location.

"We felt this was the right opportunity for us to go out and look for another space to operate more comfortably out of," Malone said. "When the new space became available, we took the opportunity to move to a location that is both affordable and spacious.




(2014, March 6) Chamber/Bureau relocates in larger space.