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Lot I Landscaping

Enhancement of Entryway into Prospector Square

Beginning June 26, crews will start work improving the entrance to Prospector Square. The corner of Bonanza Drive and Prospector Avenue is a key entrance point to the district and planned landscaping and sign improvements will highlight the area and welcome those visiting the neighborhood. Lot I Before

Construction is scheduled to take two weeks while Falling Waters, Inc. adds new tress and landscape material and installs the new Prospector Square sign.  Plants requiring less water, which are more appropriate for our mountain environment were selected.

Enhancement of this corner is a priority of the organization as we begin to look at improvements throughout the entire neighborhood over the next seven to ten years.


To view the plan for Lot I click here.


Scheduled for the Fall of 2014, Prospector Square will begin relandscaping the area surrounding the Lot D parking lot.  With a subsurface parking lot beneath Lot D, work will include additional waterproofing of the structure and diversion of water from the underground parking structure.  

To view the conceptual plan for Lot D click here.