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Prospector Square Improvement Project

Prospector Square Master Plan Vision

  • Provide and promote an inviting and vibrant residential and commercial community
  • Encourage business development
  • Maximize values and entice investment
  • Attract guests to come, explore and stay
  • Efficiently use resources to benefit tenants and property owners

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Lot I Landscaping

Beginning June 26, crews will start work improving the the entrance to Prospector Square. The corner of Bonanza Drive and Prospector Avenue is a key entrance point to the district and planned landscaping and sign improvements will highlight the area and welcome those visiting the neighborhood. 

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Prospector Square Launches Website and Newsletter

The Prospector Square Property Owners Association has begun their marketing and pr efforts by launching the website and by issuing their first member and tenant newsletter. These efforts are to garner support and attention from the community of Prospector Square and its offerings.

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