Parking FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Parking in Prospector Square

Time Restricted Spaces

Prospector Square limits certain spaces to maximum parking durations.  These spaces are clearly signed with our blue and white logo indicating the spaces and time limits.  These spaces are monitored and tickets are issued for those found in violation of the time limits.


Lodging Guest Overnight Parking

Each lodging property issues their own unique parking pass that identifies their guests.  Please make sure to display this pass clearly within your vehicle.


General Overnight Parking

It shall be improper to park any vehicle on any parking lot from 1:00am to 6:00am unless the vehicle displays a valid Parking Permit or is otherwise parking with the written permission of PMA.  To obtain an overnight parking permit, please contact PMA at 435-645-7888.


Vehicle Weight Limit – Parking Lot D

The use of the elevated parking surface of Parking Lot D is limited to vehicles with an axle weight not exceeding five tons.


Oversized Vehicles

It shall be improper to park any vehicle which takes up more than one marked space in any parking lot without first being issued a Parking Permit for such oversized vehicles.  To obtain an parking permit, please contact PMA at 435-645-7888.


Use of Parking for Construction

Any parking or use of parking lots in connection with construction, remodel, staging of construction vehicles or equipment or improvement activities or other special use by an owner or tenant must be approved in writing in advance by DHU.

 Please click here to review the entire list of Parking Regulations